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 AmerikTrans Inc. offers:

  • Wheelchair transportation

  • Non emergency medical transportation

  • Medicare and Medicaid transportation.

With the experience in the NEMT industry, AmerikTrans inc can and will help you take on your biggest challenges.

AmerikTrans inc manages every aspect of the NEMT programs and understands how they operate. 

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Why Choose US

Our flawless driving record:

  •  Our drivers are experts with an average of five years or more of driving experience, and we do not have one accident or incident on our driving records.

  • We go above and beyond to provide peace of mind for our patients and their family members during a stressful time by handling all of the planning required to transport a patient and providing top-quality, bed-to-bed care throughout their trip on a timely manner.

Our Staff are Certified

Our non-medical emergency staff has undergone physiology certification, so they can anticipate how the drive will affect medications and the patient’s physical condition.

Our Proccess

 AmerikTrans inc equipment are  ADA approved:

  • Hydraulic lift to accommodate your wheelchair

  • Chair securing devices for your safety,

  • Rear heater/air conditioner vents for your comfort 

  • Additional rear seating for a ride-along nurse or family member


AmerikTrans inc Payment Options:

  • We accept pre-approved insurance, Cash, Check, or Credit Cards.

  • Our insurance specialists can submit claims to private insurance companies and Florida Medicaid for medically necessary transportation

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